Logan Paul

Logan Paul

24 year old kid in Hollywood making crazy daily Vlogs!
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  1. Chris Ian

    Chris Ian


    Nice content logan

  2. Yousif Mohd

    Yousif Mohd


    yes actiuly logan paul did not lose at any match

  3. Yousuf Ashraf

    Yousuf Ashraf

    2 órája

    This is the Logan that we love and hate

  4. Sparkle Night

    Sparkle Night

    2 órája


  5. FireEevee Mage

    FireEevee Mage

    2 órája

    Fuck you

  6. Travis Bickle

    Travis Bickle

    2 órája

    Logan should not be opening these cards like this, he should be wearing gloves. Not for covid reasons but due to the fact that sweat can affect the condition of the card becoming a PSA 10

    • Michael Scott

      Michael Scott

      2 órája

      Actually gloves do more damage to the cards then your hands



    2 órája

    very beautiful

  8. Arya ind

    Arya ind

    2 órája

    She is shirt less

  9. PoleenAzrene T. Lim

    PoleenAzrene T. Lim

    2 órája

    𝕄𝕖:𝕓𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕗𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕 𝔹𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕗𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕:𝕪𝕖𝕤? 𝕄𝕖:𝕔𝕒𝕟 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕔𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕥 𝟙-𝟙𝟘𝟘 𝔹𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕗𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕: 𝕠𝕜 𝟙-𝟙𝟘𝟘

  10. J The Bot

    J The Bot

    2 órája

    This hit dif

  11. hzt jij

    hzt jij

    2 órája


  12. FizzyFin 64

    FizzyFin 64

    2 órája

    If you stop swearing I will watch you 🤣

  13. Gustavs31


    3 órája


  14. Gustavs31


    3 órája

    O i liek

  15. SevenDeMagnus


    3 órája

    Wait a minute that's one of the best Marvel Comics artist at: 3:36, Mike Deodato?! He's also a UFC trainer?!

  16. Dineth Dharmasena

    Dineth Dharmasena

    3 órája

    Kong Is A Legend RIP

  17. SevenDeMagnus


    3 órája

    Yup of course, the pros have the muscle memory and amateur fights.

  18. Directioner Forever

    Directioner Forever

    3 órája

    I respect what you did for Harry, sticking up for him on the cover of vogue wearing a dress and all, however, I do think what you did was disgusting and unforgivable. Don’t cancel me logangsters. If that’s what they’re called nowadays

  19. Vishwamitra Sabharwal

    Vishwamitra Sabharwal

    3 órája

    Just that he is doing what he said making content with Floyd Mayweather

  20. Somesh Konda

    Somesh Konda

    3 órája

    Why the fuck was he laughing? Did Mike get so irritated by Maverick that he set the bird up? We'll never know.

  21. K1NGZ


    3 órája

    Stop putting hate comments I cant like all of them

  22. Adam L

    Adam L

    3 órája

    Totally forgot about the world logang 1😅

  23. NWM :

    NWM :

    3 órája

    Anyone Remember the doc from tiger king?

  24. N Rod

    N Rod

    3 órája

    I woulda told logan no shirt no service straight up

  25. N Rod

    N Rod

    4 órája


  26. Martin Macose

    Martin Macose

    4 órája

    Hey logan find a geode a geode is a rock inside it theres crystalls in it

  27. Fire Fly

    Fire Fly

    4 órája

    Better than David

  28. Z-Boys Creations

    Z-Boys Creations

    4 órája

    ✌ 😭

  29. P L

    P L

    4 órája


  30. Maung Hla Wan

    Maung Hla Wan

    4 órája

    Where is your daily life vlog? missing that.

  31. tsukkixzgianna


    4 órája

    to be honest ...i’m here for why don’t we🧍🏻‍♀️

  32. แป๊ป' ซี่

    แป๊ป' ซี่

    4 órája


  33. princess hannah cute baby

    princess hannah cute baby

    5 órája

    my bday is may 22

  34. Bruh MOMENT

    Bruh MOMENT

    5 órája

    Im late but still luv it

  35. belgium gamerboii bgb

    belgium gamerboii bgb

    5 órája

    why the fuck are you wearing mrbeast merch in the beginning of the video

  36. Teex Millz

    Teex Millz

    5 órája


  37. Ruth Ortiz

    Ruth Ortiz

    5 órája

    She's a 5 month old puppy ? That's a big baby. 🐶😍😘❤

  38. Teex Millz

    Teex Millz

    5 órája

    I'm sick😢. All my pokemon and Marvel and DC 1980s 1990s cards all stolen by my brother who's Pawn them money was f****** 🤬off track. So many.lost because someone else is drug issue that's the s*** that pisses me off the closest ones to you always steal your s***

  39. Depresso Esspresso

    Depresso Esspresso

    5 órája

    I like how at the start he was like :pog my house just got robbed, and don't forget to hit that subscribe button

  40. Leah May

    Leah May

    5 órája

    Next fight should be Logan vs Jake

  41. IQinfinity188 BigBrain

    IQinfinity188 BigBrain

    5 órája

    Did he stop uploading?

  42. Bluepanda 500

    Bluepanda 500

    5 órája

    Here 4 years later wishing we could have daily vlogs again😔

  43. Rocco Sciappi

    Rocco Sciappi

    5 órája

    The music is so funny lol

  44. Jeff Sanders

    Jeff Sanders

    5 órája

    Meatball is so cute

  45. milfsrhot


    5 órája

    why am i here again

  46. Madison B

    Madison B

    6 órája

    I liked Logan more then Jake

  47. ava nelson

    ava nelson

    6 órája

    no because i literally searched for this and i was like shit 3 years ago but literally everybody in the comments is still here soooo

  48. kinziearg


    6 órája


  49. Rotten flesh

    Rotten flesh

    6 órája

    When you dig straight down in Minecraft

  50. Enzo Wilsonn

    Enzo Wilsonn

    6 órája

    What happen to him

  51. Rotten flesh

    Rotten flesh

    6 órája

    When you accidentally hit the iron golem in Minecraft

  52. Lila&shadow Tv

    Lila&shadow Tv

    6 órája


  53. Medusa Oz

    Medusa Oz

    6 órája

    Gel gel bilmem bugün boğaz fuck eve pipet de afak abi bari ile kar bizde iyiyiz’i ikinci test

    • Medusa Oz

      Medusa Oz

      6 órája


  54. Karina Farnham

    Karina Farnham

    6 órája

    One Direction is waiting for you

  55. Kaizen II

    Kaizen II

    6 órája

    Imagine buying one then its a fake lol

  56. Medusa Oz

    Medusa Oz

    6 órája

    Hayır ufaklığınpo yollarız fakat yav müsaitse biz develi abla o o ki

  57. Medusa Oz

    Medusa Oz

    7 órája

    Logan paul senin hiç mi halti Pato bu indis book tap bir de aç o ediyor da

  58. Sans Dreamer

    Sans Dreamer

    7 órája

    Bro this dis gave me a stroke bro I had to go to the hospital and then I was set on fire

  59. Becoming Tomeka

    Becoming Tomeka

    7 órája

    I’m late to the party but I am team LOGAN!!! You got this!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Let’s make history!!

  60. James Lee

    James Lee

    7 órája

    damn it’s about to be 4 years since this released

    • Aidan Cole

      Aidan Cole

      6 órája

      You got money you got bars?

  61. Syphon BeatZ

    Syphon BeatZ

    7 órája

    bruh this a slap lmaoooo

  62. Talena


    7 órája

    Logan thank you for changing for the better!

  63. Misaka Ch. [美坂]

    Misaka Ch. [美坂]

    7 órája


  64. Sebastian Cole Bermudez

    Sebastian Cole Bermudez

    7 órája

    Come back to listen to this music

  65. Destiny Botello

    Destiny Botello

    7 órája

    He said it when he got ginger

  66. Insert Username

    Insert Username

    7 órája

    Back after 3 years and it’s still funny

  67. J. Bennett

    J. Bennett

    7 órája

    God and Jesus are great read the bible Jesus is coming back soon turn your life to God before it’s to

  68. doyoueatputthy ?

    doyoueatputthy ?

    7 órája

    y’all cant lie this song goes hard 😩

  69. Dylan Nickerson

    Dylan Nickerson

    7 órája


  70. Adam Palmer

    Adam Palmer

    7 órája

    I had to give a snake up and I felt alful. I just can't understand the pauls just going Inbetween dogs like sweets. I think it's because I'm a nice person. I don't like the pauls are socio/narc I just think they are unpleasant people who they are better then most people

  71. Fake KRSNA Unofficial

    Fake KRSNA Unofficial

    7 órája

    I got Your Hat!!!

  72. smallish doll

    smallish doll

    7 órája


  73. SmoothShot 808

    SmoothShot 808

    7 órája

    What a fuckin joke lol Logan actin like he just put down Tyson in his prime lol

  74. audrey


    8 órája

    biggest flex is that i know this word for word 😩💪🏼💪🏼

  75. Kaylee Rivera

    Kaylee Rivera

    8 órája

    anyone else came from tiktok 💀😭

  76. MR.SMILEY510 Sanchez

    MR.SMILEY510 Sanchez

    8 órája

    Fuck you logan pull

    • MR.SMILEY510 Sanchez

      MR.SMILEY510 Sanchez

      7 órája

      You said bad words you can’t say that

  77. Jerome Pruitt

    Jerome Pruitt

    8 órája

    You got me wigging out i still have originals this is too cool

  78. Magaly Lopez

    Magaly Lopez

    8 órája

    Lo importante que es tener a las personas correctas en tú esquina de vida 🔥💪🔥

  79. Pramila Bastola

    Pramila Bastola

    8 órája

    I still listen to this in 2021 love this