Logan Paul

Logan Paul

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  1. Icy Zion

    Icy Zion

    3 órája

    He just used this kid for advertisement

  2. alphaaomega


    3 órája

    It was from this moment that Logan has taken nothing but Ls

  3. alphaaomega


    3 órája

    3 years already? Goddamn

  4. Eli Goated

    Eli Goated

    3 órája

    Logan you need to rematch ksi no cap

  5. JaayRides


    3 órája

    ahhh parties like this, a thing of the past

  6. carrina Kinsey

    carrina Kinsey

    3 órája


  7. Dorothy Gregory

    Dorothy Gregory

    3 órája

    I kinda love this

  8. Anarchy Television

    Anarchy Television

    3 órája

    I will admit the track is catchy and AB had no musical response to it. Js.

  9. Toni Cobb

    Toni Cobb

    3 órája

    That dog is kinda fat but its good

  10. Fishboy Gaming

    Fishboy Gaming

    3 órája

    In Australia we got 16 feet crocodiles

  11. Jakobee Vigil

    Jakobee Vigil

    3 órája

    You guys can’t lie with me but like Logan is better then Jake and Logan is still funny

  12. Roman Soroka

    Roman Soroka

    3 órája

    Just found out about this , this is awesome , Logan and Evan best friends

  13. Lucy Gresham

    Lucy Gresham

    3 órája

    I dreamt I was married to you...well I enjoyed it thanks!x

  14. Christian Karim

    Christian Karim

    3 órája

    Why do i know every word to this song. Its 2021...

  15. The Fresh Skull

    The Fresh Skull

    3 órája

    yo u got to post bro

  16. Hinda Ali

    Hinda Ali

    3 órája


  17. Nolimit wrld

    Nolimit wrld

    3 órája

    Why am I here in 2021??

  18. Little Man

    Little Man

    3 órája


  19. Little Man

    Little Man

    3 órája


  20. kevin lowe

    kevin lowe

    3 órája

    Low-key slaps

  21. Aidan


    3 órája

    They got triggered bc they couldn't film......what

  22. Charlie Vlogs

    Charlie Vlogs

    3 órája

    that is mest up that he is with alyisa

  23. Greg Stites

    Greg Stites

    3 órája

    He made banks look so bad

  24. HEE HEE My name is REE REE

    HEE HEE My name is REE REE

    3 órája

    So is anyone gonna question GP’s revolver

  25. That1AnimeKid


    3 órája

    Holy crap Logan Paul is still alive

  26. itz_ya_boi_derr 1

    itz_ya_boi_derr 1

    3 órája

    What happened to breaking plates

  27. Declan Tayler

    Declan Tayler

    3 órája

    Wait WHAT??? When you were getting tested they barely went up your nose, when they did mine they went up to where 3 quarters of the thing was up my nose!

  28. Tommy Shelby

    Tommy Shelby

    3 órája


  29. Joost Wesseling

    Joost Wesseling

    4 órája

    Is ginger ever coming back

  30. Blast Vlogs

    Blast Vlogs

    4 órája

    1:25 STD69

  31. Lettuce


    4 órája

    This is fire 🔥🔥🔥 You look good in a skirt 😎👌

  32. Nico Bennewitz

    Nico Bennewitz

    4 órája

    More Pokémon please

  33. Henry H

    Henry H

    4 órája

    Man at the end with the piano his voice was mad

  34. Charlotte Morlock

    Charlotte Morlock

    4 órája

    Logan, this is like the coolest video you have ever done. :) :) :)

  35. Ruben Eze 7

    Ruben Eze 7

    4 órája


  36. IIIAnchani


    4 órája

    so he survived the scandal too? Time to watch another video.



    4 órája

    you are a piece of garbage

  38. Katame Master

    Katame Master

    4 órája

    “Severe lapse in my judgment....”

  39. Juan jose Mejia osorio

    Juan jose Mejia osorio

    4 órája

    Im not making hate but who saw that they made a circular cut around where logan was punching

  40. A R

    A R

    4 órája

    This diss track still applies till this day

  41. Opal Kopal

    Opal Kopal

    4 órája

    What is this??? Oh I know crap 😂

  42. renaldas vitkus

    renaldas vitkus

    4 órája

    no words...

  43. Yonah Simonelli

    Yonah Simonelli

    4 órája


  44. Joni Montes

    Joni Montes

    4 órája


  45. ME7O c

    ME7O c

    4 órája

    When there was no virus 🦠

  46. Wavyy


    4 órája

    Matthew 3:2

  47. Wavyy


    4 órája

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

  48. Raul Anghelus

    Raul Anghelus

    4 órája

    Paul you are not a normal person , I hope you win .

  49. Joni Montes

    Joni Montes

    4 órája


  50. Wvi Gaming

    Wvi Gaming

    4 órája

    ive been watching the pauls for about 4 years and i still love their vids

  51. Lukas 3784

    Lukas 3784

    4 órája

    He against Conor was the biggest of all time

  52. Logan Tapler

    Logan Tapler

    4 órája

    I dont like ksi

  53. Logan Tapler

    Logan Tapler

    4 órája

    my friends like ksi more then you and i dont i like you more

  54. Antek Strzeszewski

    Antek Strzeszewski

    4 órája

    Ty serio to w sumie to jest takie smutne xddd o ile to prawda xddd

  55. Nathaniel Smith

    Nathaniel Smith

    4 órája

    Ong I saw on the other night

  56. David gamer

    David gamer

    4 órája


  57. Gemma Polley

    Gemma Polley

    4 órája

    I'm confused theyve known each other for more than 4 days



    4 órája

    Orange green Andy!

  59. Traxx


    4 órája

    How does it feel to have a brick for a brother @jakepaul

  60. yuriana


    4 órája

    hi logan paul ['.

  61. Ivan Serrano

    Ivan Serrano

    4 órája

    Imagine not beign to beat ksi

  62. Raul Anghelus

    Raul Anghelus

    4 órája

    First time watching him , but I saw him before on HUeye, he is funny 😄 I swear I laugh with tears when he run over those chickens.

  63. Bella Franco

    Bella Franco

    4 órája

    TikTok drama can never compare to this type of drama...

  64. Mathew Contreras

    Mathew Contreras

    4 órája


  65. Siu Nguyen

    Siu Nguyen

    4 órája

    When diss tracks where the thing... good old days.

  66. Msnively 4

    Msnively 4

    4 órája

    You got this

  67. Cutex Chase

    Cutex Chase

    4 órája

    Mike is a pussy lowkey cause he didn’t do none of thay

  68. darrick foster

    darrick foster

    4 órája

    Song is fire

  69. laksh xo laksh

    laksh xo laksh

    4 órája

    Bro its been 3yrs🥺❤

  70. Redtheboss679 A God Gamer

    Redtheboss679 A God Gamer

    5 órája

    Who watching in 2021 and still thinks this song is trash

  71. Bálint Potos

    Bálint Potos

    5 órája

    Anyone in 2021?

  72. Jay Prentice

    Jay Prentice

    5 órája

    Respect logan!

  73. Hunter Mabbott

    Hunter Mabbott

    5 órája

    i hate you logan ksi is better

  74. Lisa Knox

    Lisa Knox

    5 órája

    that is a year ago today!

  75. Captain Receiver

    Captain Receiver

    5 órája

    14:15 is the funniest part of the vid😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  76. SpacieJuice75


    5 órája

    ive never thought that side quests would be comin real ....

  77. XxJackMasterxX -roblox

    XxJackMasterxX -roblox

    5 órája

    Who came because of flamingo's video Lol

  78. d money

    d money

    5 órája

    Do you mfs understand how good this promo and marketing is? 😂😂 This video was well put together

  79. DrawAKraken


    5 órája

    Rest in peace

  80. Josh Daniels

    Josh Daniels

    5 órája

    you couldnt even beet ksi lol