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Logan Paul

24 year old kid in Hollywood making crazy daily Vlogs!
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  1. Angela Accogli

    Angela Accogli

    3 órája

    "Your career feel apart one direction " what I'm directioner fu** you 🖕 (whit kindness)

  2. chester james

    chester james

    3 órája

    nice fake punch my big brother can beat logan paul he is: 29

  3. flowercake and jelly

    flowercake and jelly

    3 órája

    I like none of them but I gotta be honest, Logan is better and his song is better too

  4. TheDarkTajRises


    3 órája

    Hey you can play Pokémon go

  5. Lipe Ferreira

    Lipe Ferreira

    3 órája


  6. Touchdown Nation

    Touchdown Nation

    3 órája

    cj so cool

  7. Jose Paramo

    Jose Paramo

    3 órája

    Ur a fake collector bro smh u gotta huh ur cards

  8. Suman Lata

    Suman Lata

    3 órája

    8:48 Is he colour blind.......

  9. xdcrazyreee


    3 órája


  10. Ishan


    3 órája

    This is how many people love ginger 👇🏻

  11. Edgetown TX

    Edgetown TX

    3 órája

    Respect for getting in a ring with Paulo Costa

  12. minty shaw

    minty shaw

    3 órája

    The time.

  13. Fire and Ice Gamer

    Fire and Ice Gamer

    4 órája

    R.I.P Maverick the legend I miss him so much

  14. Aaron Jerry

    Aaron Jerry

    4 órája

    Logan, where is the new vlog?

  15. Wadima Daheri

    Wadima Daheri

    4 órája

    when logan said does it work in abu dhabi :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  16. big nothing gaming

    big nothing gaming

    4 órája

    Not to say in a disrespectful way but ...........ur dumb

  17. dorjee bhutia

    dorjee bhutia

    4 órája

    Lana in the back be like: What the Fu*k is goin on here

  18. Rattlesnake Gaming

    Rattlesnake Gaming

    4 órája

    RIP We Will Miss You

  19. Karol Grudziński

    Karol Grudziński

    4 órája


  20. Kim Andreea

    Kim Andreea

    4 órája

    "cuz your career fell apart like One Direction" huh, use 1D for clout,let's don't forget what you did, okay?

  21. DAM1ON


    4 órája

    Lol... let's be honest though, who would trust Logan Paul for advice on anything?

  22. Gregory Gary III

    Gregory Gary III

    4 órája

    All this for a fake card damn

  23. Andreea Ciupac

    Andreea Ciupac

    4 órája

    YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT! DID HE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?! fucking leave 1d out of your diss, they've been apart for 5 years and the still have 10 times more fans than you do. Things aren't looking good for you since the Directioners have found this. CLOUT CHASER. you're just mad cause zayn didn't wanna talk to you

  24. MADz193


    4 órája

    3:00 damn XD

  25. DV IS HERE


    4 órája

    Who came here for the golden memories 🥺

  26. Roman Schooley

    Roman Schooley

    4 órája

    I miss the old Logan paul from 4 years ago

  27. Itz Uzxy

    Itz Uzxy

    4 órája

    me watching him opening those cards which i used to play with my school friend and thinking i ve opened more then a 100 charzardssss

  28. jose Saldana

    jose Saldana

    4 órája

    I so sorry Logan

  29. 30 M3M35 Zoe

    30 M3M35 Zoe

    4 órája

    Easy flex

  30. TomTheHero


    4 órája

    And got scammed

  31. dcg321


    4 órája

    I'm just here to look at that atrocious beard

  32. 100k with no videos challenge

    100k with no videos challenge

    4 órája

    Dang bro your insane wanna try and help me complete a challenge anyone it is in my name

  33. Layla Booth

    Layla Booth

    4 órája

    Omg I remember this

  34. shiraj lal

    shiraj lal

    4 órája

    Is this real or scripted

  35. MADz193


    4 órája

    6:43 she looks like she is wrapped in a blanket

  36. Mia Villalba

    Mia Villalba

    4 órája

    con one direction no eh lct

  37. Isterb


    4 órája

    3 years later fucking forgets him

  38. Ran


    4 órája

    When yall said professional fight i thought u included the 8 10 or 12 rounds. I wanted yall TO REALLY GET IT ON LIKE BOXERS

  39. Tanner Chapko

    Tanner Chapko

    4 órája

    I KNOW Logan Paul didn’t diss One Direction. We’ll do it the Tommo way and pull a KSI on you😤😤😤

  40. Clutch30


    4 órája

    Wait I have that card...

  41. HACKER 1

    HACKER 1

    4 órája

    Nome dela? her name?

  42. Buenos Tiempos 689

    Buenos Tiempos 689

    4 órája


  43. Mr.pineapple


    4 órája

    logan paul : im the best player alive sometime later bugha: wins world cup fresh: wins pro am benjy savage and letshe : best eu trio clix : god boxfighter mongraal : hes 1hp 1hp controlla players: aim assist boi

  44. CalixJaedden Elento

    CalixJaedden Elento

    4 órája

    The only decent line is Put jake on your title you can pay this months rent

  45. Pierce Dawson

    Pierce Dawson

    4 órája

    I loved kong why did have to go man everyone loved him RIP KONG. Im litreally crying

  46. Okay Nice

    Okay Nice

    4 órája

    Imagine pulling the psa 10 out in a battle💀

  47. House Grumpy Boys

    House Grumpy Boys

    4 órája

    I love how the entire comment section is a bunch of 1D fans and not really focusing on the rest of the song

  48. Narekah Baker

    Narekah Baker

    4 órája

    "Career fell apart like One Direction" see this what we not finna do

  49. Alexzander Ramirez

    Alexzander Ramirez

    4 órája


    • Alexzander Ramirez

      Alexzander Ramirez

      4 órája

      he didnt clutch up in the gulag

  50. cherrysomnium


    4 órája

    knowing that this human is rich and will never have to struggle like i have and will continue to do so makes me want to set myself and the world on fire. <3

  51. sir.come.upstairs


    4 órája

    He got me. 3:37

  52. Stephen Chandler

    Stephen Chandler

    4 órája

    He should sell them why not sell?

  53. Pierce Dawson

    Pierce Dawson

    5 órája

    shes on some bullshit

  54. Ricch TV

    Ricch TV

    5 órája

    I’ve prolly tore like 6 of those cards up as a kid😂😂😂waste of money.

  55. Fadi Ballou

    Fadi Ballou

    5 órája

    Logan says: pewdiepie will burn out and gets like no followers... Pewdiepie: we just getting started 2018-2019 shows up: pewdiepie yeets up

  56. Ishan


    5 órája

    I will tell Indian moms to participate in this they will win every time LOL

  57. ItzSenpai Ryu

    ItzSenpai Ryu

    5 órája

    HowToBasic: I found my friend

  58. Ishan


    5 órája

    Lol he it in the butt of the girl LOL

  59. TAIM xD 123

    TAIM xD 123

    5 órája

    This hurts to watch

  60. Hristo Lazarov

    Hristo Lazarov

    5 órája

    Lol and the card was fake he got scammed

  61. Makayla Razo

    Makayla Razo

    5 órája


  62. Isobel Celeste Ablang

    Isobel Celeste Ablang

    5 órája

    Logan and Jake: Having this diss song war Matpat, Pewds and Mr. Beast: *eating popcorn and watching by the side*

  63. Lowlyfe Rexx

    Lowlyfe Rexx

    5 órája

    What’s crazy is I have that exact charazard card hiding somewhere in a laminated case in the attic of my moms house. I’m going over there to look for it this weekend lol

  64. Chase Dickerson

    Chase Dickerson

    5 órája

    Make America great again

  65. HydroX Winter

    HydroX Winter

    5 órája

    Why even after a year the montage at the end still hits harder than a brick:( RIP mavrick

  66. Baby Kamikaze

    Baby Kamikaze

    5 órája

    I ain’t even know this song was a thing till October 2020-

  67. Rushdi Karn

    Rushdi Karn

    5 órája

    Song name at the end?

  68. cj Slaney

    cj Slaney

    5 órája

    Thats patty mayo

  69. Lord Quin

    Lord Quin

    5 órája

    Datgumit... we just paid this guy's next set of pokemon cards

  70. Chanphen Drury

    Chanphen Drury

    5 órája

    Diss Eminem bet

  71. 1 ‘

    1 ‘

    5 órája

    Logan why do you have these videos still up - I thought you’ve changed for the better. Unless you’re a robot pawn for the 1% in the business of unconsciousness and spreading it across the globe. That or just.....Wack......delete them Dude.

  72. Plufan ll

    Plufan ll

    5 órája

    The dog I can’t stop laughing

  73. Don_ Biggie!

    Don_ Biggie!

    5 órája

    Oct 27

  74. Marron Danniell Quitoy

    Marron Danniell Quitoy

    5 órája

    or she

  75. Bromance Gameing

    Bromance Gameing

    5 órája

    👁️ 👁️ 👄

  76. Marron Danniell Quitoy

    Marron Danniell Quitoy

    5 órája

    we miss kong but he cute

  77. TAZY


    5 órája

    If I beat u in a 1v1 in basketball u got to buy me a pack my Instagram is wyo._.damonte

  78. AkoSi • Renn

    AkoSi • Renn

    5 órája


  79. Small Kicker

    Small Kicker

    5 órája

    Yo who’s here in 2020 October and remembers the LOGANG and the jake paulers and then they forgave each other and the there was the LOGANG paulers

  80. XyanKiller


    5 órája

    *C R I N G E*