Goodbye Forever.

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It’s time to move on.
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  1. Mathew Immanuel

    Mathew Immanuel

    2 hónapja

    The realest fanbase I've ever witnessed. Proud to be a part of this community even after the dark times.

    • sulaiman syed

      sulaiman syed

      20 órája

      @K P exactly

    • K P

      K P

      23 órája

      Congrats on being a dumbass

    • Abbaas Hasnain

      Abbaas Hasnain


      @Maryam Bipar yes lol I do too I don’t know why he has top comment

    • sulaiman syed

      sulaiman syed

      3 napja

      Basically he is trying to betray mr beast and work with this shitass

    • IDK_its_just_Breeze


      3 napja

      Free caps 🧢🧢🧢

  2. Father Maxi

    Father Maxi

    33 perccel

    I thought he was actually leaving, this is sad

  3. Matteo Feijoo

    Matteo Feijoo


    The ending lol



    9 órája

    Oloko porque o título estar em português??

  5. Female Macrophilia

    Female Macrophilia

    13 órája

    Into Feet Fetish? Come Check It Out My Channel For More Pleasure!

  6. Kiara Hack

    Kiara Hack

    14 órája

    content has gotten so boring... if u look back in the day there a hole lost better then they r now. Logan fix your shit

  7. MrGermanyHD


    18 órája

    @LoganPaul Do you like dashcam videos btw?

  8. Okay Buddy

    Okay Buddy

    20 órája

    *sees title* I manifested for Jake🥲 but I’ll take what I can

  9. The Messiah

    The Messiah


    I’m not gonna lie Logan’s content got so much better lately Props to u man, keep this momentum up

  10. Kermit the frog

    Kermit the frog


    I don’t have a problem with Logan even though I’m more of KSI i don’t have a problem with you and JJ it’s Jake I hate




    Maybe u should've kept the car

  12. Daneljess Graham

    Daneljess Graham


    please be true oh damn just your car .. not you....

  13. charlee gemstone

    charlee gemstone


    br when are you going to post ??????????????

  14. Coopergaming12



    Dodge challengers are my fav cars. Lessgo

  15. Kris Smartt

    Kris Smartt


    This is the last bit of the old logan paul

  16. Rosanne Williams

    Rosanne Williams

    3 napja

    thank god he is sooooooooooo bad

  17. Rudra singh

    Rudra singh

    3 napja


  18. PolloGamer YT

    PolloGamer YT

    3 napja

    Hola xd

  19. Apek Loww

    Apek Loww

    3 napja

    I love you video call sayang latest bukan I wanna make you happy I know you know happy I miss you It's not perfect but You make my heart you have a Safe from home I miss you I love you video I know everything is hard to you I will not make it Here I love you Bie I give you my video Ok give you video call you all my life my sis My brother are you not all not stopped

  20. Tim Cook

    Tim Cook

    3 napja

    Sad Logan and Josie broke up tho

  21. Prebreak Channel

    Prebreak Channel

    4 napja

    Logan: bye forever Me; POGGERS

    • myn nn

      myn nn

      2 napja


  22. Melisa Mendoza

    Melisa Mendoza

    4 napja


  23. RedLemons


    4 napja

    everyone being mean in the comments but to be honest Logan can be funny when hes not being kid friendly

  24. Emilia Bastian

    Emilia Bastian

    5 napja

    O my freaking God I'm mad that he hasnt posted, hes about to lose a subscriber

  25. Charlie Patterson

    Charlie Patterson

    5 napja

    trade with isaiah photo

  26. Little Mannzer

    Little Mannzer

    5 napja

    Who finds Logan’s laugh funny 😂

  27. Rayan Alfaresi

    Rayan Alfaresi

    5 napja

    I miss old Logan

  28. Graham Rhoades

    Graham Rhoades

    5 napja

    Hey logan paul help me get subscribers to my channel. Ive been watching you since you started. It would mean the world if i could get help from the greatest youtuber ever!!

  29. That's Tuff

    That's Tuff

    6 napja

    God I love this man

  30. Mason Dube

    Mason Dube

    6 napja

    Shave the beard start vloging again make the world a better place

  31. PaigeThePuppy


    6 napja

    Honestly please leave

  32. Bacon Mathis

    Bacon Mathis

    6 napja

    Logan paul evolved into a good person

  33. seeni sumbol production

    seeni sumbol production

    6 napja

    im a beginner I'm trying to make my channel grow I need more support I'm trying my best I post lots of videos

  34. Phin Phanith

    Phin Phanith

    6 napja

    Logan Paul go to the show Jake please go to the show Jake find crystal diamond rupees I don't know but I saw you on that video so I saw you find $20,000 Crystal so go there again and then you you find another Crystal more expensive than that okay please shout me out dab on the hater

  35. BOT CB

    BOT CB

    6 napja


  36. Jacob Caro

    Jacob Caro

    7 napja

    Logan my tio really wants to fight you not like pissed at you but he wants to and I dmed you on ig and I was wondering if you could respond cause you could make a video and also you could prove my tio wrong. tio=uncle

  37. Can’t touch this Stone

    Can’t touch this Stone

    7 napja

    Sayonara, adieu

  38. sasa lif

    sasa lif

    7 napja

    Are you going to quit youtube? Please do it.

    • Da Gaming Dud

      Da Gaming Dud

      7 napja

      Yes I would like to see him quit

  39. jhon jhon

    jhon jhon

    7 napja


    • wobbiewobbles


      7 napja


  40. George F

    George F

    7 napja

    Omg rip that awful wrap off plumb is so crazy

  41. Jose Valmir

    Jose Valmir

    8 napja


  42. Juice Nation

    Juice Nation

    9 napja

    Love you Logan truly are a wonderful person.

    • Pumpkin Does Stuff

      Pumpkin Does Stuff

      6 napja

      No he is fucking not lmao

  43. Cory Ryan

    Cory Ryan

    9 napja

    I watched Logan Paul after a solid while, did not know he turned into Joseph seed

  44. Austin N Friends

    Austin N Friends

    9 napja

    Burn in the pits of hell

  45. Josh Cooper

    Josh Cooper

    9 napja

    I subscribed so I could see more of your feet, where are they?😳

    • wobbiewobbles


      7 napja

      same here i feel ripped off

  46. Grubbyzo123 4

    Grubbyzo123 4

    10 napja

    Wanna know the funny thing is the fact all y’all that hate him still watch his videos

    • bettafish541


      9 napja

      I'm just commenting "You just posted cringe" videos.

  47. Ashish Kothwal

    Ashish Kothwal

    10 napja

    That sound he made in the end thats why he is legend u gotta do the stuff.

  48. Poisonous potato From minecraft

    Poisonous potato From minecraft

    11 napja

    I still think both jake and logan paul are bad I think jake is worse Logan is maturing and not as bad

  49. Steve Jones

    Steve Jones

    11 napja

    It's good to have deeper connection with audience

    • Vlogs From The 6

      Vlogs From The 6

      11 napja

      agreed!!! & i am also doing Giveaways for December ! consider Subscribing to My Channel if you want too! ❤️STAY SAFE!

  50. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet

    11 napja

    Guys I have his merch from like 2015 how much would people but that for like the old hats and a backpack too, obviously I don’t like it now and regret asking for it but

  51. DonutMan4000


    11 napja

    i thought that you were leaving youtube. you shouldnt get peoples hopes up like that

  52. Ptguy0618


    12 napja

    Congrats, hope you can afford the tax bill!

  53. Operation Blackout

    Operation Blackout

    12 napja

    you gave me hope you would be gone forever yet you have returned.

  54. Carlos H

    Carlos H

    12 napja

    Donde esta el comentario en español xd?

  55. AC


    12 napja

    Wait since when was that challenger yellow? Last time I remember it was purple lol

  56. Büşranurx


    12 napja

    You can visit my channel.

  57. Teoy


    12 napja

    subscribed to logan not subscribed to jake

    • Vlogs From The 6

      Vlogs From The 6

      11 napja

      would mean the world if you subscribed to me anyways lol STAY SAFE!



    13 napja

    Only real ones remember evan hitting his first 100mph in that car

    • Vlogs From The 6

      Vlogs From The 6

      11 napja

      good old times bro!!! & i am also doing Giveaways for December ! consider Subscribing to My Channel if you want too! ❤️STAY SAFE!

  59. Lord Noob

    Lord Noob

    13 napja

    Why are people still hating on this man? He has matured so much compared to a few years ago

    • lwaloid haha

      lwaloid haha


      @Everest Canyon your thinking is shit

    • lwaloid haha

      lwaloid haha


      @Senira G then that means you will never be successful in your life.Keep barking

    • lwaloid haha

      lwaloid haha


      @cyclic_demonio. that's called blind hating

    • Kroobsie


      3 napja

      Maybe they're just trolling, I used to hate this man BIG TIME back then, but now he's just impossible to hate (at least for me)

    • Senira G

      Senira G

      8 napja

      Zero times infinity is still zero.

  60. Lee Keung

    Lee Keung

    13 napja

    Logan Paul why did you get rid of your Dodge Challenger

    • Vlogs From The 6

      Vlogs From The 6

      11 napja

      i know it was awesome!!! & i am also doing Giveaways for December ! consider Subscribing to My Channel if you want too! ❤️STAY SAFE!

  61. Education Hub

    Education Hub

    13 napja

    Hi Logan 😉😉

  62. Wali Saifullah Vlogs

    Wali Saifullah Vlogs

    13 napja

    Not only is this bad for Logan but also for even because this is we’re they made driving with even

  63. Fazmash Child 1

    Fazmash Child 1

    13 napja

    The ending was so funny

  64. Giraffe Sexist

    Giraffe Sexist

    13 napja

    I miss when it was still purple

  65. sticky ice

    sticky ice

    13 napja

    Wait that’s in Loveland that’s the twon next to me

  66. Andrew Dinges

    Andrew Dinges

    13 napja

    You got beat by ksi twice just a daily reminder

  67. Mega mega watermelon

    Mega mega watermelon

    14 napja

    Haven’t watched yet I hope he is finally doing it

  68. Tavian Campbell

    Tavian Campbell

    14 napja

    ksi scared to fight in ufc

  69. Diino


    14 napja

    Dont give me hope

  70. Alduin The Partysnack

    Alduin The Partysnack

    14 napja

    Yo, the Pokémon’s shit is lit

    • Vlogs From The 6

      Vlogs From The 6

      11 napja

      its so entertaining not gunna lie LOL and I Wish i had supporters like you for my HUeye Channel !🙂STAY SAFE!❤️ just trying to get to 5K subs! Before my B-DAY

  71. Joseph Lozano

    Joseph Lozano

    14 napja

    5:10 he is bottom

  72. Samurai seven

    Samurai seven

    14 napja

    Thank god

  73. James Agugliaro

    James Agugliaro

    14 napja

    3:01Bru he almost just crashed it in front of everyone

    • Copyright Gaming

      Copyright Gaming


      Sadly, he didn't

  74. CheckMyCrocs


    15 napja

    The train horn is the best part!

    • Vlogs From The 6

      Vlogs From The 6

      11 napja

      i want that on my car LOLLL and I Wish i had supporters like you for my HUeye Channel !🙂STAY SAFE!❤️ just trying to get to 5K subs! Before my B-DAY

  75. MemerManStan


    15 napja

    Trade with Isaiah Photo

  76. Juli Bird

    Juli Bird

    15 napja

    Hi Logan I just need to say this i have bin watching you on manny accounts a long time now your entertainment was my childhood well I’m still a child but most of my child hood I will post this message on other videos so that you will see this I got really sad when you stoped being active on HUeye and I wish so bad that you get more active again and if you’ll see this I would love if consider making more videos with your parrot he is amazing just like you thanks and I hope this will get through to you

  77. Smol Faic Productions

    Smol Faic Productions

    15 napja

    i anpm gonna dance because he is leaving :D



    15 napja

    can you subscribe

  79. Yung gXst

    Yung gXst

    15 napja


  80. Alexander Steel

    Alexander Steel

    16 napja

    Dang, I got my hopes up he was actually leaving.

  81. Toming Lee

    Toming Lee

    16 napja

    4:06 back to his natural habitat

  82. Neemias Brito Gomes

    Neemias Brito Gomes

    17 napja

    Quem é do Brasil da like

  83. fandomates


    17 napja

    Is it me or lana appears randomly

  84. E•5 years ago

    E•5 years ago

    17 napja

    Uh at least this is better than whatever you have been posting 2-3 years ago

  85. Rusiru GUNARATNE

    Rusiru GUNARATNE

    17 napja

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought “yesss finally “ now I’m disappointed

  86. Annies AMV’s

    Annies AMV’s

    17 napja

    Dont do that, dont give me hope.

  87. Gorth


    18 napja

    Is he not gonna vlog anymore

  88. LINK


    18 napja

    happy to see you improve from that monstrosity of a situation hope that never happens again.

  89. Diecios SV

    Diecios SV

    19 napja

    Un comentario en español

  90. carys lunt

    carys lunt

    19 napja


  91. captain hooks

    captain hooks

    19 napja

    YO logan paul ive been calling you out for the last year whats up bro? You think you can box ? Im at london Ontario if you wanna do some real rounds im calling you out once again , whats it gonna be HUeye champ? Ill be waiting if you dont answer you a b#$@ ill screen shot this for evidence

  92. Chaz Richard

    Chaz Richard

    20 napja

    Pretty nice of these people who hate Logan Paul to still give him views for his channel. If you don’t want to watch, don’t click on the video and then complain.

  93. Cristhian Garcia

    Cristhian Garcia

    20 napja

    Deberías traducir todos tus videos al español, los vería todos, por ejemplo el e la carta de pokemon

  94. Red Boi

    Red Boi

    20 napja

    (👏💩) *Logan Paul *

  95. vusal Ismayilov

    vusal Ismayilov

    20 napja

    pls Turkish alt yazı pls

  96. Kak Kak

    Kak Kak

    20 napja

    Can report didn't stop uploading after this also i didnt actually watch the vid and so I hope he improved as a person and content creator

  97. Zaeluh Vigil

    Zaeluh Vigil

    21 napja

    i live in colorado

  98. zoom my boi wtf

    zoom my boi wtf

    21 napja

    Yes plz go 2020 would be great if youed leave

  99. Samarah Amin

    Samarah Amin

    21 napja

    The end 👌😂😂😂

  100. Mitz


    21 napja

    Guys atleast hes better than his brother