I Bought A $200,000 Box Of Pokémon Cards

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  1. Livybug


    21 órája

    0:49 lmao tf




    I have a lot of pokemon cards

  3. lamboman68


    2 napja

    When you could have bought a lambo

  4. Todd Keller

    Todd Keller

    3 napja

    The Collectable Guru is a fucking scam artist. He's just driving the cost of the cards up and obviously doesn't care about the culture or anything that drives peoples passions for this. Leaving people like me who would love to buy some unable to do so because the market has been driven into the hands of people with seemingly infinitely deep pockets. Don't get me wrong im attracted to the money aspect of it as well but it's a shame when the prices are so inflated they are basically unattainable to the majority of people. Rant Over

  5. Danish Yau Siang Bee

    Danish Yau Siang Bee

    3 napja

    Me trying to even get a charizard me: open one :(

  6. Edgardo Concepcion

    Edgardo Concepcion

    3 napja

    Your not the shark puppet

  7. David Houchard

    David Houchard

    3 napja


  8. Seth Laconico

    Seth Laconico

    4 napja

    I got a psa 10 yellow uno reverse card i have the only one in the world how much you willing to offer



    5 napja

    I have a charizard Shadowless pokemon card in Gem 10 condition please help me out and buy it from me!!!!!

  10. yohanes rian

    yohanes rian

    5 napja

    logan born from POKEMON😃

  11. Donnie Cebreros

    Donnie Cebreros

    6 napja

    I did it

  12. Donnie Cebreros

    Donnie Cebreros

    6 napja

    Omg can I have one



    6 napja

    so krazy.....this is the new world..........

  14. Miguel Jimenez

    Miguel Jimenez

    7 napja

    His money

  15. Miguel Jimenez

    Miguel Jimenez

    7 napja


  16. Jacob Bryant

    Jacob Bryant

    7 napja

    Logan Paul my dad bought 2 1st edition Pokemon boxes when they came out

  17. Taytem Newton

    Taytem Newton

    7 napja

    I love your pokemon HUeye videos

  18. Rag3_Phantoms Gaming

    Rag3_Phantoms Gaming

    8 napja

    Only couple things to say really is that now you've made it harder on everyone else who's trying to get the cards prick

  19. Jeanlouis Bagalayos

    Jeanlouis Bagalayos

    8 napja

    Dude fake

  20. Rojhat


    8 napja

    Chance is there

  21. Comped Accounts

    Comped Accounts

    8 napja

    No one saw beerus at 0.43

  22. Joshua Grande

    Joshua Grande

    8 napja


  23. entxcdy


    8 napja

    Dude your actually chill now

  24. Suraj Prajapati

    Suraj Prajapati

    8 napja

    Pagal hai be itna paisa kharch kardiya mamuli se card pe itne paise me to me pura ghar bhar ke card kharid lu

  25. Irving


    9 napja

    I collect Bitcoin, I can take them in my brain and sell them in one second, I think you would have made more money buying Bitcoin

  26. Ahowi


    9 napja

    See this Logan I like

  27. Ieva A

    Ieva A

    9 napja

    Colektible guru is only for money and ones he bot a facke 1 edision pack

  28. Lego Boy

    Lego Boy

    10 napja

    Me and pokemon cards have had a rough history and thanks to what you did now I have to keep seeing these pokemon pack openings from all different types of youtube and it triggers some old not happy memories and it all started from this video Thanks a lot logan paul You have pissed me off once again

  29. Skully Skulls

    Skully Skulls

    10 napja

    KSI really hit him hard.

  30. J0ee


    10 napja

    imagine his house is going to get robbed

  31. m adlee

    m adlee

    11 napja

    still... who is the camera man....

  32. Misty


    11 napja

    0:53 expert hes a scammer lmfao

  33. Samuel Parthiban

    Samuel Parthiban

    11 napja

    0:43 Maverick vs Beerus. nice

  34. Flako


    12 napja

    He’s a idiot

  35. Skye Maximilian Aleks

    Skye Maximilian Aleks

    13 napja

    Hey dream :)

  36. Juan Zarazua

    Juan Zarazua

    13 napja

    😂 next to my penes

  37. Sergio Sánchez

    Sergio Sánchez

    13 napja

    when subtitled in Spanish? I want to understand what it says :(

  38. Heldfa


    14 napja

    anyone knowing what im saying about the dude

  39. Bacon Godz

    Bacon Godz

    14 napja

    I have the base set pikachu

  40. Charlotte King

    Charlotte King

    16 napja


  41. mohamed & soraka

    mohamed & soraka

    16 napja

    My friends, I request your strong support for our channel. We provide strong content and thank you to everyone

  42. Sahil Klare

    Sahil Klare

    17 napja

    Fuck logan

    • Sahil Klare

      Sahil Klare

      10 napja

      @JakubGaming2010 KSI will knock logan

    • Sahil Klare

      Sahil Klare

      10 napja

      @JakubGaming2010 shut up

    • JakubGaming2010


      10 napja

      People like you disgust me, Logan is making good content now, and your in the comments saying the f word.

  43. Sheena Hill

    Sheena Hill

    18 napja

    His name is Leonhard

  44. MRpind4


    18 napja


  45. notluislolo:맞 gonzalez

    notluislolo:맞 gonzalez

    18 napja

    I have two drowzee one is shdowless and the other not

  46. notluislolo:맞 gonzalez

    notluislolo:맞 gonzalez

    18 napja

    I have a shdowless chansey

  47. notluislolo:맞 gonzalez

    notluislolo:맞 gonzalez

    18 napja

    I have a chansey xd

  48. notluislolo:맞 gonzalez

    notluislolo:맞 gonzalez

    18 napja

    That breeus

  49. memet efe

    memet efe

    19 napja


  50. memet efe

    memet efe

    19 napja


  51. Jackson Woodard

    Jackson Woodard

    20 napja

    Big Fan logan but you waste so much valuable money ,you should give some to me hahah

  52. Agasthya Kavali

    Agasthya Kavali

    22 napja

    I think Mike is homeless that is why he is saying like that.when somebody drops money Mike will take it and won't give it back because his homeless . I know why is dating lana because is rich an his poor . So he could steel all of Lana's money

    • Maycr0m


      20 napja

      *english has left the chat*

  53. Trista Davis

    Trista Davis

    22 napja

    PoKEMON gotta catch em all

  54. SparX26


    23 napja

    To be honest.. Im really fricking jealous 😂

  55. Myat Phone san

    Myat Phone san

    24 napja

    0:43 .... flashback to logan vs ksi

  56. Squidward McMan

    Squidward McMan

    24 napja

    I hate that he got the cards from collectibles guru, the dude doesn't even care about collecting for fun he just wanted big profit.

  57. Emma Kate

    Emma Kate

    25 napja

    My dad has old pokemon cards laying around

  58. wash meat

    wash meat

    25 napja

    When you earn 30 mil a month

  59. wash meat

    wash meat

    25 napja

    Fam guru is a scam

  60. Crane Clan

    Crane Clan

    26 napja

    Hey I’m also selling mud psa 9 lucario

  61. Mr Higher

    Mr Higher

    26 napja

    Well it just like Gatcha :))))

  62. Jax Phillips

    Jax Phillips

    27 napja

    It's getting intense

  63. boss smart

    boss smart

    28 napja

    Ì know alot bout pokemon cards watching logan for the first time but I am not liking the bald man sitting with him

  64. DxfUr 1

    DxfUr 1

    28 napja

    I really like the person Logan became

  65. FN Fantomatic

    FN Fantomatic

    28 napja

    0:44 why beerus is fighting a maverick? 😂😂

  66. Alienn Nnnn

    Alienn Nnnn

    28 napja

    Its just a paper

  67. nirew zturg

    nirew zturg

    29 napja

    what if mr.beast wants to buy it...

  68. César García

    César García

    29 napja

    I would love an Articuno card

  69. Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson

    29 napja

    Logan: I can see my self liking these 4 months later buys 2,000,000 dollars worth cardboard

  70. Lukas Hoek

    Lukas Hoek

    29 napja

    The guru is a complete scammer

  71. Lupe Gonzalez

    Lupe Gonzalez

    29 napja

    Logan I mitt need some help because I have a box of pokemon so can you help me :)

  72. West Missouri

    West Missouri

    29 napja

    and he did it agian

  73. Kingsley Tan

    Kingsley Tan


    Bro just contact Pokémon and tell them do u have any old Pokémon card laying around

  74. Amy Ewald

    Amy Ewald


    Why did the Charizard stick to the energy

  75. Daun'ne Monique

    Daun'ne Monique


    You basically bought my student loans 😭

  76. Addison B

    Addison B


    not me subscribing because of pokemon content :)

  77. Player YT

    Player YT


    bro do u still go to gym?

  78. Sceptroy



    George is one of those friends that really look out for you. You got to respect that.

  79. ApaCookie_Crumbles 302

    ApaCookie_Crumbles 302


    I dare you too rip a edition 1 charizard. You can't do it

  80. cm zam gaming

    cm zam gaming


    Becuz of this video he made booster box is now hard to find and buy and cost lot of money 😂😂😂😂😂

  81. lane darling

    lane darling


    Other rich guys: making strippers rich 💸 Logan: making nerds rich 💰 remember the epi on the Maury Show when the cougar bought her Hs boyfriend pokemon cards lol

  82. Minh Tran

    Minh Tran


    I like Pokémon and if I had a wish I would wish I had 100 trillion dollars and spend most of it for pokemon

  83. Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

    Read my ABOUT section PLEASE


    Sorry for being here but do you have a spare $1? Badly need help. Need to get my laptop fixed. Will use it to earn. I'm not a bad person, just a desperate one. Lost a lot since the pandemic. 😢

  84. Arjun Singh

    Arjun Singh


    We all found out Collectibles Guru is a scam artist. And doesn’t know shit, Logan is probably more of an expert on Pokémon than that fraud.

  85. DittoMeme



    This feels like a Documentary than a regular HUeye video

  86. Carson Morrow

    Carson Morrow


    Anyone here after he bought 2000,000 of first edition boxes?

  87. Lilith Jade

    Lilith Jade


    3:17 it’s the only one in the world and you can’t even get a shot of it without glare? lmao

  88. Austin Hoxie

    Austin Hoxie


    you should make the charizard tattoo a shiny

  89. Yosef Tafari

    Yosef Tafari


    I have 1 more 1st Edition box

  90. FaZe Bread

    FaZe Bread


    I have that pika

    • FaZe Bread

      FaZe Bread


      And im almost 11

  91. Angelo Mitchell

    Angelo Mitchell


    At the end of this video when he said he’s got 2 more Pokémon videos coming.. Did he mean the video with Gary from Pawn Stars & then the video he posted todsy? Cuz if so.. He had us all fucked up waiting for months, lol.

  92. ToBufn



    Well now he bought 2million dollars of Pokémon card

  93. legoshi !!

    legoshi !!


    cannot believe im saying this , good video . good creator . very entertaining video . i liked !

  94. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer


    Ima make a sandwich brb

  95. AzGamingz Azreen

    AzGamingz Azreen


    oof i tot the first edition charizard not worth it😂 i gpt it from opening those pack, then "hmm I WANT A PIKACHU *Give to my brother thenhe broke it*"

  96. spacex vanity projects limited crashy mc crash face

    spacex vanity projects limited crashy mc crash face


    oh god these video are all about thats so tiring

  97. Trigg



    "std 69" lmao

  98. Shay Egan

    Shay Egan


    50,000 dollars from a scammer😂😂

  99. Jaylon Hill

    Jaylon Hill


    My brother has three of the chrrzards

  100. ATC TV

    ATC TV