I Bought A $200,000 Box Of Pokémon Cards

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  1. MR EGG GD


    4 órája

    Sad to see the pokemon card series end

  2. Peter Paris Jr.

    Peter Paris Jr.

    7 órája

    Logan my dad saw you fighting in a wrestling match

  3. Female Macrophilia

    Female Macrophilia

    13 órája

    Into Feet Fetish? Come Check It Out My Channel For More Pleasure!

  4. Black


    16 órája

    And to think when I was a kid I probably had all of these for like 8$ a pack🤦‍♂️

  5. MrGermanyHD


    18 órája

    @LoganPaul Do you like dashcam videos btw?

  6. klfg animation studio

    klfg animation studio

    22 órája

    0:25 Sounds like when a video game character starts a mission Minus the Pokémon

  7. Xuereb



    If you like Pokemon, I subscribe!

  8. StormRunGaming



    Too bad that you're an IDIOT....

  9. Mr.funnyteddybear




  10. Kolton Houston

    Kolton Houston


    Bruh josey said left u because of Pokémon

  11. cool Spiker

    cool Spiker


    Logan I bought one for 100k

  12. lxght szn

    lxght szn


    Bro u feel off

  13. RaghidPlaysGames


    2 napja

    trade with Isaiah Photos"

  14. Memberberry


    2 napja

    So are you gonna make a video about how you've got scammed out of 200k like a total chump?

  15. Bella Isa

    Bella Isa

    2 napja

    This is so entertaining

  16. KTM KCA


    2 napja

    His boss do be angry at him but only cause he cares

  17. generaljedi3


    2 napja

    I don't mean to hate but u kinda ruined it with logic along side u by making the pokemon market higher than it should be. Basically now that u bought this anyones dreams are crushed cause nobody has 150k to spend on a charzard

  18. The World

    The World

    3 napja

    Make a new video dickhead

    • Alex Doggett

      Alex Doggett

      2 napja

      The World yh lol I'm so bored

  19. Naman Jain

    Naman Jain

    3 napja

    Anyone knows whats the name of the initial background music??

  20. tomye


    3 napja

    the man that started it all.

  21. Toxicbotboi


    3 napja

    Post again

  22. Da Epicboi

    Da Epicboi

    4 napja


  23. oneh1ghkid


    4 napja

    The music was creepy

  24. Kalob Anderson

    Kalob Anderson

    4 napja

    Hhhdududusushssjjshw to your account to your room if it will have a new one for the other day r

  25. brilliant gamer destroy

    brilliant gamer destroy

    4 napja

    GURU is scammer

  26. Jarek P

    Jarek P

    4 napja

    Is there some one how knows about this cards and I can contact to him? Cause I have some cards and would like to ask are there value.

  27. Yayablue2012


    4 napja

    But u did lost ur money...

  28. Yayablue2012


    4 napja

    Dam ur so f**king rich bro

  29. Fruitoz Yt

    Fruitoz Yt

    5 napja

    hi logan. am a new youtube. started my chanell couple days ago. can you give me any advice please? thank you

  30. Vinny Belmont

    Vinny Belmont

    5 napja

    I just found my original binder from 1996 with all the basic set holos and I have ALL of them. Some 1st edition. I never played the game, just collected them so they're all mint. If anyone wants any, DM me on Instagram! @Vincenz_

  31. EG4 Studios

    EG4 Studios

    5 napja


  32. Bengals_ Sports

    Bengals_ Sports

    5 napja

    Logan has changed for the better and Jake will never change

  33. Cameron O'Connor

    Cameron O'Connor

    5 napja

    Collectibles guru sells fake Pokemon you just spent $50,000 on fake cards

  34. FLASH graff

    FLASH graff

    5 napja

    Hes like i can beat the greatest boxer floyd of all time but i still collect Pokemon lmao gtfoh ur a gosh damn nerd/dork/clown 🤡🤡🤣🤣 fight me PUSSY

  35. Zeke H.

    Zeke H.

    5 napja

    bulbasaur 30k haha

  36. bodie


    5 napja

    "STD 69"

  37. amer


    5 napja

    So it was tgf jays box?

  38. mnia faqish

    mnia faqish

    5 napja

    Im on the fake 375k deal before got here...

  39. PraneshPlayz


    5 napja

    My fav is the fossil holo dragonite

    • PraneshPlayz


      5 napja

      From fossil

  40. under killer

    under killer

    6 napja

    I have a first tryrezort

  41. Isaac and Ryder Pokmon opening and fun

    Isaac and Ryder Pokmon opening and fun

    6 napja

    Imagine pulling a 200000 dollar card and having to give it away

  42. Mason Kim

    Mason Kim

    6 napja

    Std 69 hahaha

  43. Lim Ze Chuen

    Lim Ze Chuen

    6 napja

    I wish I had that much of money to buy me a dream bike🥺



    6 napja

    Im fucking love you logen paul you is my hero

  45. Carlos Castillo uribe

    Carlos Castillo uribe

    6 napja

    Why is ever HUeyer on pokemon card you know why because of logan paul

  46. Yurzman Tv

    Yurzman Tv

    7 napja

    This is Addiction 🙃

  47. Jacob Caro

    Jacob Caro

    7 napja

    Logan my tio really wants to fight you not like pissed at you but he wants to and I dmed you on ig and I was wondering if you could respond cause you could make a video and also you could prove my tio wrong. tio=uncle

  48. Serenade O

    Serenade O

    7 napja

    Wheres ur bald headed dumbass friend now? I hope your not doing videos with him and his 30k bulb.

  49. ryan bambi

    ryan bambi

    7 napja

    Teaming up with a scammer?

  50. ryan bambi

    ryan bambi

    7 napja

    Why are you showing your penis tattoo to children? That’s fucked up dude

  51. HomerSimpson Plays

    HomerSimpson Plays

    7 napja

    Logan is more better than jake

  52. Edward Duarte

    Edward Duarte

    7 napja

    I love Pokemon cards and Yu-Gi-Oh cards

  53. Jace Dodson-Harvey

    Jace Dodson-Harvey

    8 napja

    std 69

  54. Young Cumstain

    Young Cumstain

    8 napja

    he rlly said “congrats ur rich” he’s a collector not a seller

  55. Gabriel Gorollo

    Gabriel Gorollo

    8 napja

    the fact that Logan's squad rn is still the same old squad while Jake has different new squad every year..

  56. Adithya Sivasankar

    Adithya Sivasankar

    8 napja

    *Every thing changed except his profile pic*

  57. ZeChef 9000

    ZeChef 9000

    8 napja

    Some of these cards have been passed down to me by my uncle, I didn't have to spend a penny

  58. Cubic


    8 napja

    you know.. i never thought id enjoy a logan paul video, but hell im enjoying this one pretty well

  59. chrashed Neon

    chrashed Neon

    8 napja

    How did jake paul go from Recording people that hanged themselves to buying pokemon cards for $hit loads of money, It would be awfully sarcastic of me to say his channel is getting worse and worse but I'm surprised his channels still "Alive"

  60. INCO


    8 napja

    This is THE ONLY video I’ve actually watched, and fully watched from Logan Paul, and I actually enjoyed it

  61. Chryss


    9 napja

    Anyone knows the song at 1:30 ?? lol

  62. bettafish541


    9 napja

    I thought you said you were leaving. _L E A V E_

  63. J. James

    J. James

    9 napja

    Hey Logan I wanna but that charzard lmfao

  64. Yuri Xanjoe Manese

    Yuri Xanjoe Manese

    9 napja

    You might be 30 before ash turn's 11.

  65. arian alfred

    arian alfred

    9 napja


  66. Brycen Parnell

    Brycen Parnell

    9 napja

    Yo just saying, that guys pricing differentials are way off

  67. Llama_ Vid

    Llama_ Vid

    9 napja

    Fuck Logan got me addicted again 😂

  68. monetisação canal

    monetisação canal

    10 napja

    Give me $ 10,000

  69. Chris the ok gamer

    Chris the ok gamer

    10 napja

    Lol when he said std 69😂😂😂😂

  70. 천Arsen_lol


    10 napja




    10 napja

    I have never pulled a charizard in my life

  72. Jaxon the Yoshi

    Jaxon the Yoshi

    11 napja

    Wow. He's really matured ever since 2018.

  73. Dark Raven

    Dark Raven

    11 napja

    I love how he's avasting money by buying Pokemon cards

  74. hypedcardz


    11 napja


  75. Rkent11 Gaming

    Rkent11 Gaming

    11 napja

    I will give one cent for ur collection

  76. Szymcis Szymcis

    Szymcis Szymcis

    11 napja


  77. Szymcis Szymcis

    Szymcis Szymcis

    11 napja

    next videao Pleasee

  78. Sleazy


    12 napja

    Lol next buy yugioh cards

  79. Tooka Beats

    Tooka Beats

    12 napja

    I just feel bad for the inflation he caused😭

    • Sleazy


      12 napja


  80. mighty Fluff

    mighty Fluff

    12 napja

    i got good pokemon cards reply pls then ill show u the cards

  81. Büşranurx


    12 napja

    You can visit my channel.

  82. Ben gazii

    Ben gazii

    12 napja

    You can literally change someone’s life with a card

  83. UnpackJ


    12 napja

    Come check me out! Opening Pokémon boosters



    12 napja

    Logan you changed your are a good person and now I watch your vids again I was an old fan

  85. ComedyGold


    13 napja

    I never thought I would say this...but I actually like this

  86. Jacob Plays

    Jacob Plays

    13 napja

    ,e relizing i have most of the carss my uncle gave me lol

  87. guillotine


    14 napja

    dont trust bald man with pinky ring

  88. Elihu Hernandez

    Elihu Hernandez

    14 napja


    • Josh Van

      Josh Van

      13 napja


  89. Felipe Furze

    Felipe Furze

    14 napja

    Thats not how to bid ;)

  90. Mohammed Fathi

    Mohammed Fathi

    14 napja

    Something is better than the booster box it is the trainer cards I’m in the trailer cards those are $40 I mean 40 billion

  91. Bedirhan Karacalii

    Bedirhan Karacalii

    14 napja

    enes batur daha iyi

  92. Snarfy


    14 napja

    I just stop watching Logan Paul for 5 week and now he collect Pokemon what????

  93. positive vibes

    positive vibes

    14 napja

    Please Logan Paul sir help me out of debt 😭 of 5lakh 20thousand only help sir

  94. Munhgerege Mg

    Munhgerege Mg

    15 napja

    I watched this video like 100 tumes

  95. Munhgerege Mg

    Munhgerege Mg

    15 napja

    They are all holographick you even have charizard blastoise

  96. Ryan Wilson

    Ryan Wilson

    15 napja

    Can I have some first addition packs

  97. Juli Bird

    Juli Bird

    15 napja

    Hi Logan I just need to say this i have bin watching you on manny accounts a long time now your entertainment was my childhood well I’m still a child but most of my child hood I will post this message on other videos so that you will see this I got really sad when you stoped being active on HUeye and I wish so bad that you get more active again and if you’ll see this I would love if consider making more videos with your parrot he is amazing just like you thanks and I hope this will get through to you

  98. boy boy

    boy boy

    15 napja

    he said dude you are ruining tub time

  99. lavisha 7

    lavisha 7

    15 napja

    How much do you FUCKING have

  100. Spiderz _

    Spiderz _

    15 napja

    I support this