My New Bird!

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Y’all like him?!

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  1. Ozzy_ Slays

    Ozzy_ Slays


    Lol I have the same bird/parrot

  2. Hunter Wagner

    Hunter Wagner

    2 órája

    Logan you need a snake

  3. k Remar

    k Remar

    14 órája

    I like birds and i have one too

  4. k Remar

    k Remar

    14 órája

    Me too

  5. Fruit loops Are cool

    Fruit loops Are cool


    My first bird Zelda’s first words was: let me leave My second bird lemonade’s first words was: RE HOME MEEE my third bird ducky’s first words were: I can talk now

  6. roblox. plazz

    roblox. plazz


    I just realize that it was a sun conure I subbed right after I saw the pic rip the bird Sun conures are my favorite

  7. Nixxy



    You might need a MUCH bigger cage as he gets older or maybe now, he needs a vegetable diet, and shredding toys(toys that they can break apart, not plastic toys) and a protected area( a place where they won’t get attacked or attack

  8. Keane Creer

    Keane Creer


    Another treat for you dog

  9. Yeźźy



    I just rewatched this because my two birds flew away a few days ago they were sisters RIP: Dixie RIP:Charli And yes that was there names they split up when they flew away and Dixie is the younger one and always cuddles her older sister Charli

  10. Richard Belmarez

    Richard Belmarez


    Bye maverick you are being replaced😢😭😢😭

  11. joe vlogs

    joe vlogs


    He's perfect

  12. Kacey Duber

    Kacey Duber

    2 napja


    • Kacey Duber

      Kacey Duber

      2 napja


  13. Jack The wolf lord

    Jack The wolf lord

    2 napja

    Not gonna lie sir looks like a bigger version of maverick. Rest In Peace maverick

  14. Alejandro kid

    Alejandro kid

    3 napja

    African grayes They live for 80 years. I have a Jendey Conure.

  15. Tiffine Wright

    Tiffine Wright

    3 napja

    Arlo Birds 2 Logan Paul

  16. Rayyan Rafik

    Rayyan Rafik

    3 napja

    I have two African grays the names are rio and Rocco

  17. Jordan K

    Jordan K

    4 napja

    Omg when he said “hit him up on instagram @sirthegrey, or DON’T, i don’t really care” I laughed so hard when he said “or don’t I don’t rly care” 😂😂

  18. PKER


    4 napja

    At 2:10 we gonna talk about this... she sitting in the back watching the parrot “deepthroat” the syringe lmao

  19. HA! no.

    HA! no.

    4 napja

    I’m so sorry about maverick, and I really hope that your new friend lives a long time!

  20. firewintergirl


    5 napja

    Hi I'm a big fan and I have an African grey too her name is Jessy I hope you like your new African grey!

  21. MaryAnn Velasquez

    MaryAnn Velasquez

    5 napja


  22. Devils shadow

    Devils shadow

    5 napja

    i like how they see each other eye to eye

  23. Channing Wilhoit

    Channing Wilhoit

    6 napja

    Love this bird just post more vids of him

  24. Malachi Ontong

    Malachi Ontong

    6 napja

    Bro I have a African grey

  25. Mercedes Serrano

    Mercedes Serrano

    6 napja

    Wow I have a budgie it does not put it’s one feet up but it does put his head back when he sleepa

  26. Mercedes Serrano

    Mercedes Serrano

    6 napja

    I actually have a budgie and for some reason I can’t get it to get on my finger

  27. NoWayBlank


    7 napja

    3:49 😐 too much information

  28. Birbs Please

    Birbs Please

    7 napja

    Oh no, im worried.

  29. Chloe Wheatcroft

    Chloe Wheatcroft

    8 napja

    This is the most wholesome video ever! Love this super sweet side of Logan!

  30. Maha Alkaabi

    Maha Alkaabi

    9 napja

    I lost my African Gray Parrot and he’s been missing for a month now I miss him tons, I keep crying all night, praying we can find him 😭

  31. Eli Lester

    Eli Lester

    9 napja

    My grandma has one of those

  32. Jeffrey Torres

    Jeffrey Torres

    9 napja

    Why am I crying bro

  33. COOKZ 2K

    COOKZ 2K

    9 napja

    Why do all your pets get eaten😭

  34. Kymani Donesouda

    Kymani Donesouda

    9 napja


  35. WaveCrate


    10 napja

    I pet my bird and it literally told me to fuck off.



    10 napja

    I have a Double yellow headed Amazon and whenever I walk in he says whatcha doing

  37. Tyler Halloran

    Tyler Halloran

    10 napja

    Nothing like meeting your bird for the first time 💕 my heart melted when I met my comet

  38. Tyler Halloran

    Tyler Halloran

    10 napja

    My conure is figuring out how to say hi

    • Cynical Sassparilla Gaming

      Cynical Sassparilla Gaming

      9 napja

      Conures are really bad talkers and most don't talk but some can learn a few words. Good luck with teaching him though, hope he learns! My cockatiel at the moment struggles to say Peekaboo haha

  39. Michael Scènes

    Michael Scènes

    10 napja

    I've watched way too many of these lately

  40. Gance Shasivari

    Gance Shasivari

    10 napja

    Yeah hes cool and all but maverick..he is like..the og.. RIP

  41. Joshie 228

    Joshie 228

    11 napja

    Where the fuck are you bitch

  42. Thania Molina

    Thania Molina

    11 napja

    I have a cockatiel a baby one every single time that you post I have to tell him and when he sees you on the videos he says Logan it's so funny

  43. valor 11 boy

    valor 11 boy

    12 napja

    There so smart they have the intellect of a 5 year old. Um doesn’t that mean that he’s dumb it’s a joke

  44. Ashton Monteiro

    Ashton Monteiro

    13 napja

    6:21 sir is so cute

  45. psyCute


    13 napja

    Does it talk tho ... subtitles?

  46. Raymond Ramos

    Raymond Ramos

    13 napja

    why is Logan not verified

  47. Kai Draws

    Kai Draws

    13 napja

    I'm absolutely fucking horrified at the size of the cage they have for him. What the fuck. The fact he is having to chase the bird around and have an uncovered fish tank in that same room is fucking horrible. I pray for that bird.

  48. Kai Draws

    Kai Draws

    13 napja

    1000 words/noises is a huge understatement. They can say anything a human can and they have the intelligence of a 6-7 year old

  49. Rumman


    13 napja

    I respect his love for birds

  50. JAH Clothes

    JAH Clothes

    14 napja

    Hey try freeflight

  51. Marcky Martin

    Marcky Martin

    15 napja

    jake jp will steal the bird

  52. Jacob Row

    Jacob Row

    15 napja

    Logan bro I like your bird man I have two birds myself actually

  53. Destiny Davis

    Destiny Davis

    15 napja

    i like birds to your not the only one bruh i want a bird to like yours hes so cute OMG

  54. Ricky the Bird

    Ricky the Bird

    16 napja

    It’s not a very good idea to chase your bird yelling! Birds have sensitive hearing

  55. Ricky the Bird

    Ricky the Bird

    16 napja

    When the African grey was “eating his but” he was preening, which means he feels safe!

  56. gavin konicki

    gavin konicki

    16 napja

    My grandpa has an African grey and he is the best

  57. Darkhyper


    16 napja

    This is like my 50th time watching this and I thing my Quaker parrot Larry is pissed 🤣🤣🤣

  58. Swipe_Right2977


    17 napja

    I was thinking his name should be ash

  59. Kean Rodgers

    Kean Rodgers

    17 napja

    I don't blame you I love birds I have 2 paretceats called pepis and lemone

  60. Jansku


    17 napja

    Well that didnt take long to replace an anmal.

  61. Sharad Toolsee

    Sharad Toolsee

    18 napja


  62. calvinpdejong


    18 napja

    Why not Gooby

  63. Jdcarden 56

    Jdcarden 56

    19 napja

    Should’ve called him Gandalf the Grey

  64. Karlo PH

    Karlo PH

    20 napja

    I miss maverick😢

  65. Kenneth Matulac

    Kenneth Matulac

    20 napja


  66. bre marie

    bre marie

    20 napja

    It's seven year old, not five year old.thats an insult to them lol

  67. Lauren Doering

    Lauren Doering

    21 napja

    If he doesn’t want the dog I’ll take it lol

  68. HistoryGamer


    21 napja

    So cute

  69. Emily


    22 napja

    Logan found his soulmate.

  70. Hung Truong

    Hung Truong

    22 napja

    Man serf is a sick name but ummm, search on google what "serf" means:/

  71. Shhr1mp


    22 napja

    brooooooo this birds dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope

  72. Martynas Pulokas

    Martynas Pulokas

    22 napja

    Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo cute🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  73. PotatoLord Films

    PotatoLord Films

    22 napja

    Bruh I think Sirs a girl. Watch some videos to see

  74. Jessica Foss

    Jessica Foss

    22 napja

    Hi Logan Friend Jessica

  75. Coliape The Pecking Borb

    Coliape The Pecking Borb

    22 napja

    I have 9 birds 2 cocktails and seven parakeets

  76. Dark Slayer16

    Dark Slayer16

    23 napja

    We lost Kong and maverick these are dark times😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  77. Thuli Mhlarhi

    Thuli Mhlarhi

    23 napja

    He is the cutest thing ever

  78. Trash Fiction Reactions

    Trash Fiction Reactions

    23 napja

    I feel like the bird chooses logan ngl,they were destined to meet

  79. Riley Taylor

    Riley Taylor

    24 napja

    If you can train that bird to say “Be a Maverick” you’ve officially beaten 2020

  80. Escanor L.

    Escanor L.

    24 napja

    Should have called him Escanor

  81. Nicolas Pinette 2314

    Nicolas Pinette 2314

    24 napja

    Logan Can you make a Vlog with your bird please

  82. Banana Squad

    Banana Squad

    25 napja

    I will give you 2,000 for iy

    • Banana Squad

      Banana Squad

      25 napja


  83. Teagan Newton

    Teagan Newton

    25 napja

    logan you said pewdiepies next in your old song bitch hes at 100mil subs and your at 20mil

  84. Jack Soloman

    Jack Soloman

    25 napja

    OK, there is the place in Gatlinburg, Tennessee; it is called Parrot Mountain, you hang out with parrots like all day.

  85. leo karim

    leo karim

    26 napja

    I have 8 birds, 2 cockatiels and 6 budgies I have had them for 2 years I have wanted and an macaw or African gray but I’ll wait for when I get older

  86. Adrianna Richman

    Adrianna Richman

    26 napja

    You don’t deserve that bird just saying facts.

    • Nitika Khatri

      Nitika Khatri

      22 napja

      If he can give sir a good bird life, he deserves it,

    • Abu Mostafa

      Abu Mostafa

      23 napja

      Why ?????????????

    • Sue Mitton

      Sue Mitton

      24 napja


  87. Annie H.

    Annie H.

    26 napja

    what ever happened to ginger? it’s sad how it seems like he just kinda dropped her after an incident that really, only he can be blamed for imo

  88. Violette De Toro Arias

    Violette De Toro Arias

    26 napja

    Awwwwww he soo cute awwwwwwwwwwww :3

  89. LePlagueDoctorGaming


    26 napja

    man i just remembered our 2 birds before they got rekt by a cat im so sad.... 6:37 WTF i thought its his bird Lmao

  90. Charbel daou

    Charbel daou

    26 napja

    His is name jack

  91. Charbel daou

    Charbel daou

    26 napja

    I have the same kind of parrots

  92. Owen Karl Lana

    Owen Karl Lana

    26 napja

    call it maverick jr.

  93. TeeTee MoeMoe

    TeeTee MoeMoe

    27 napja

    Rip maverick

  94. Cameron Zeigler

    Cameron Zeigler

    27 napja

    Rip maverick

  95. xeno noob

    xeno noob

    27 napja

    i had an african gray and she flew away and i miss her

  96. HS Alkaabi

    HS Alkaabi

    27 napja


  97. Matar Al Shamsi

    Matar Al Shamsi

    28 napja

    Where is he know

  98. MyLifeAsSierra


    28 napja

    no bird will ever replace maverick

  99. anika sutidze

    anika sutidze

    28 napja

    if u want to go to zoo visit logen

  100. Big Man

    Big Man

    29 napja

    I thought he would get a macaw 🦜