The Return Of Maverick

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2 years later...

Song: On My Way - Reo Cragun
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  1. leon glen

    leon glen

    2 órája

    Yo paul buy me a ps5 n 😆😆

  2. Heartlesspeak


    9 órája


  3. MMCrew!


    9 órája

    In the end does he jump of a cliff lmfaoooooooo

  4. chizzazr


    11 órája

    Wut the fuck

  5. John L

    John L

    11 órája

    it is finished

  6. amwil26 tv

    amwil26 tv

    11 órája

    Watching your videos your all amazing .God blessed

  7. Dam arcus White

    Dam arcus White

    15 órája

    If there's one thing you should know you don't f*** with the logang f****** coyotes

  8. Dam arcus White

    Dam arcus White

    15 órája

    If there's one thing you should know you don't f*** with the logang

  9. Dam arcus White

    Dam arcus White

    15 órája

    Fly me out to LA please Elsa with those freaky coyotes suck

  10. Dam arcus White

    Dam arcus White

    15 órája

    And if you see this Ukraine me you trained me get buffed up you buy sword for me get payback for what they did to come the Savage

  11. Dam arcus White

    Dam arcus White

    15 órája

    A Logan Paul come to your house and deal with those coyotes you work me out I'll get those freaking coyotes Irrigon payback for those dogs and and you get Payback for what they did to Kong Kong the king The Savage if you see this

  12. Sheshadri621 Sheshu

    Sheshadri621 Sheshu

    22 órája

    Sir I messaged u on Instagram also plz see sir

  13. Sheshadri621 Sheshu

    Sheshadri621 Sheshu

    23 órája

    Sir My grand ma is suffering from cellulitis can u I need to get it operated both legs plz can u raise some funds for me sir plz

  14. Garri Gelfer

    Garri Gelfer

    23 órája

    Logan , just let me talk, you need some one from slavic distant , Russian - that is what you need a man who knows whats up , a man who will tell you how it is . Not you're bullshit friends.

  15. Alexia Roman

    Alexia Roman

    23 órája

    you knocked him out real good on the fight and I was like...GOOO Logan and won you won I was like OMGGGGG YASS

  16. Alexia Roman

    Alexia Roman

    23 órája

    yo,good job on the fight today knocked him out bro you did awsome

  17. LaDanyall




  18. Lenny Montalbano

    Lenny Montalbano


    dang logan its been a good 3 years ive been watching you grow i have one of the OG maverick shirts i even wore it to sadies my senior year of highschool i respect you greatly youre inspiring and a great man ive stuck by you through all of your rough patches becaise you know everyone makes mistakes and no ones perfect keep it up man

  19. Billy's Big Top

    Billy's Big Top


    Great return Logan Paul! ❤️

  20. Max Ax

    Max Ax


    Переводили бы все видео

  21. That's The Right

    That's The Right

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  23. Captain Nut

    Captain Nut

    2 napja

    Fuck off

  24. Jr sKi

    Jr sKi

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  25. ravencat burton

    ravencat burton

    3 napja

    Hey Logan Paul did you know your brother is so crappy he's mean to his excribers so he's dumb you stupid he could go to freaking hell

  26. Seven Glockiezz

    Seven Glockiezz

    3 napja

    he's been cool since vine.

  27. Oyun Çılgını

    Oyun Çılgını

    3 napja

    Oyun Çılgını abone ol

  28. Muhammed Karayiğit

    Muhammed Karayiğit

    4 napja

    I love you 💛

    • ben


      3 napja

      Eww no

  29. sehara escobar

    sehara escobar

    5 napja

    I haven’t watched Logan’s Vlogs in almost 2 years

    • ben


      3 napja

      Don't watch him cuz he racist

  30. PheonixAc


    5 napja

    gotta say dude, this comercial has definetly something epix to it

  31. Alexander Taylor

    Alexander Taylor

    5 napja

    Make Yoo video more longer jack ass

  32. musik til mig

    musik til mig

    5 napja

    Yo its looks fire logan🔥🔥🔥

  33. Jose Luis

    Jose Luis

    5 napja

    That commercial was sick

  34. Fiona Lang

    Fiona Lang

    6 napja

    logna pal is really freaking

  35. Kblom27 1

    Kblom27 1

    6 napja

    The commercial at the end was like a trailer to a good movie (so good).

  36. Sophie Moffatt

    Sophie Moffatt

    6 napja

    that commercial is fucking sickkk

  37. HistoricSkate67


    6 napja

    The commercial is SICK

  38. seeni sumbol production

    seeni sumbol production

    6 napja

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  39. Phin Phanith

    Phin Phanith

    6 napja

    Logan Paul go to this show Jake the channel Jake find diamond I know that you go in there one time finally $20,000 sister you going to go to next time find more expensive gold or Crystal go find it and make that a blog please shout me out



    7 napja

    No you fucking sociopath

  41. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear

    7 napja

    Oh sorry the people that think it actually went to space it would explode in the solar system

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    تعليم جميع الالعاب 2021

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  43. Berkan Basilgan

    Berkan Basilgan

    7 napja

    Great video

    • ben


      3 napja

      Not great video

  44. Emma Bethancorth

    Emma Bethancorth

    7 napja

    oh hi santa clause

  45. Rileytube Gaming

    Rileytube Gaming

    8 napja

    is it just me or does anyone else think he looks better with no beard?

  46. Rianna Bulmer

    Rianna Bulmer

    9 napja

    You and jake should protect ech other for what might sweep u of ur feet

  47. Ash Vlogs

    Ash Vlogs

    9 napja

    Awesome 👏

  48. Leanne Scheen

    Leanne Scheen

    9 napja

    Thank you for having harry styles back about wearing a dress💕🥺 we stan you

  49. Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos

    10 napja

    Ed Maverick?

  50. Rocky Dotson

    Rocky Dotson

    10 napja

    Dear Logan and co. First I would like to start by saying I'm not the negative Nancy that goes around posting negative comments. Usually, if I don't have anything nice to say I don't say anything at all. I Have been a Maverick club member for probably 3 or 4 months now and when it 1st came out I was so excited, I've always watched you on HUeye wanting more content. Finally the Maverick Club somewhere I can get my "fix" lol. But sadly tha was not the case... im definitely not impressed with the club. I fell like Maybe I just set my sights to high... please don't take this in any way offensive.. I love you and what you do... im a daily Impaulsive watcher... Sincerely just a fan R.

  51. Chloeloupez


    10 napja

    I just subbed bc he stuck up for Harry styles for wearing a dress :) makes me happy 💕

  52. Sukran Kerem

    Sukran Kerem

    10 napja

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  53. Guilherme Benites

    Guilherme Benites

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  54. Merve Ceylan

    Merve Ceylan

    10 napja

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  55. mari pls rail me

    mari pls rail me

    11 napja

    Thank you for not being homophobic.💞

  56. ولد عايشه𖤍.ُ

    ولد عايشه𖤍.ُ

    11 napja

    انزلي مسابقه ايذ انت رجال

  57. hypedcardz


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  58. FORTNITE god

    FORTNITE god

    11 napja

    Fuck you jake Paul You are stupid

  59. Emirhan Yılmaz

    Emirhan Yılmaz

    11 napja

    Selamın aleyküm

  60. Heather Evans

    Heather Evans

    11 napja

    I plead the blood of jesus over this satanic ritual in jesus name

  61. Heather Evans

    Heather Evans

    11 napja

    I cast and bind your helium in jesus christ name I pray amen

  62. Lil Dezii

    Lil Dezii

    12 napja

    Omg HUeye recommended this video to me i haven't seen them in a while 🤣🤣

  63. Logic


    12 napja

    Ya I don't think he came back

  64. Ethan Fairman

    Ethan Fairman

    12 napja

    Go subscibe to andrei terbea he is better than logan and jake paul they just want you all to buy there merch and remove that last note from your pocket trust me andrei terbea makes better content than these fucking paul brothers

  65. Tols


    13 napja

    I thought it was a song on the intro

  66. l l

    l l

    13 napja

    What happened to Ginger

  67. Brea Beard

    Brea Beard

    13 napja

    I decided to come back to his channel after the incident because I lowkey missed watching him he is funny ash and weird and he was a inspiration to me when I first started watching him so yea

  68. Miausculus PS

    Miausculus PS

    13 napja

    eeeeeeeh alguien abla español :/ !!!! ???

  69. PersianBoi 7

    PersianBoi 7

    14 napja

    Arya he wants a boxing match with u His HUeye channel is AryaTv

  70. positive vibes

    positive vibes

    14 napja

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  71. quirky is qt

    quirky is qt

    14 napja

    When are sweats coming out

  72. Oziaha Michaels

    Oziaha Michaels

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  73. Pydro


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    15 napja




    15 napja




    15 napja

    can you subscribe

  77. Strong Mother & Provider

    Strong Mother & Provider

    15 napja

    The return of maverick, hilarious. Keep up the good job men

  78. Kirb


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  79. Jason Wlamq

    Jason Wlamq

    17 napja

    Can you make your own HUeye

  80. Cem Özer

    Cem Özer

    17 napja

    Lan biraz sesiz

  81. Yashvardhan Kukreja

    Yashvardhan Kukreja

    17 napja

    just came to dislike this video coz logan paul. Cheers :D

  82. Birb


    18 napja

    Jake paul looks like a walrus

  83. Fat Ron

    Fat Ron

    18 napja

    We’re are you

  84. Huskers YT

    Huskers YT

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  85. Jhordelis Gamer

    Jhordelis Gamer

    19 napja

    Anyone get the chills at the end

  86. Super_Shotgun


    19 napja

    Just cease to exist nobody will miss you dude

  87. Sayid Playing Roblox Fernandez

    Sayid Playing Roblox Fernandez

    19 napja


  88. Jullistullis


    19 napja

    Fuck you logan

  89. Noro Mandeok

    Noro Mandeok

    19 napja

    This sucks

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    power walk

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    Ninja Nick

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  94. Jacob Singleton

    Jacob Singleton

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    Chimerical sucks

  95. Damla Öküzcü

    Damla Öküzcü

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  96. Eymen Yavuz

    Eymen Yavuz

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  97. Awesome Jake And Trav and cor

    Awesome Jake And Trav and cor

    21 napja

    Rest in piece Maverick

  98. sandra knudsen

    sandra knudsen

    21 napja

    Go to hell lagan

  99. sandra knudsen

    sandra knudsen

    21 napja

    Go fuck you’re self

  100. sandra knudsen

    sandra knudsen

    21 napja

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