Visiting the Dog that Killed Maverick

She’s a good dog... until she’s not

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  1. Weighs


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  2. Anthony Loik

    Anthony Loik

    13 órája

    3:07 thank me later:)

  3. stale cornchips

    stale cornchips

    16 órája

    I wouldnt trust your shitty friends to take care of a pet rock

  4. Kristin B

    Kristin B

    23 órája

    Duuuude.. it's hard to be mad at her 🥺

  5. Conner Scout

    Conner Scout


    So I heard a rumor that Ginger was adopted in August 2020. In a way I understand why it had to be that way. May you have a great life Ginger:)

  6. Busie Thwala

    Busie Thwala


    send her to your ranch

  7. Vaniko Bolpvadze

    Vaniko Bolpvadze


    He forgot about this dog ?

  8. Diogo Cardoso

    Diogo Cardoso

    3 napja

    I’m sorry but it’s in their nature to protect you should have done research on the breed she’s not a bad dog it’s just who she is you should have got a St. Bernard or something

  9. joe 1

    joe 1

    3 napja

    I dont care you should take her back

  10. Devin Somwar

    Devin Somwar

    4 napja

    Yeah this comment section is fucking worse than I expected

  11. Agent Raider

    Agent Raider

    5 napja

    I feel so sad watching ginger run after Logan along the fence

  12. Jinn Gaming

    Jinn Gaming

    5 napja

    Ginger : Doimg her job and being a very good gurl Logan : *Be a good girl stop barking be a good girl*

  13. Gage Aldridge

    Gage Aldridge

    6 napja

    Guard dog?

  14. Gage Aldridge

    Gage Aldridge

    6 napja

    Why don’t you take ginger giant to the farm?

  15. Arjun Malkoti

    Arjun Malkoti

    6 napja

    1:58. Scotty's girllll

  16. mr seal cheat on miss seal

    mr seal cheat on miss seal

    6 napja

    2:40 ew

  17. NationwideAnimations


    6 napja

    I'd like to see a video one day having the title; "Bringing her back.."

  18. Brandon Allen

    Brandon Allen

    7 napja

    Wait is she still your dog??????

  19. Savage Chatterton99

    Savage Chatterton99

    9 napja

    Will ginger come back

  20. Nonstoprunner


    10 napja

    Is Ginger coming back yet?

  21. Enzo Benedicto

    Enzo Benedicto

    10 napja

    This is the only Logan Paul video I’ll watch

  22. Xavier Fox

    Xavier Fox

    10 napja

    Lana Rhodes

  23. Marion Ingram-Williams

    Marion Ingram-Williams

    10 napja

    im so sad

    • Bhop Go

      Bhop Go

      10 napja

      Didn’t ask

  24. Shubham Sethi

    Shubham Sethi

    10 napja

    Wait, now you have the ranch right can't you have her there🥺🥺🥺

  25. Beast Mode Braeden

    Beast Mode Braeden

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  26. Wessel Leeters

    Wessel Leeters

    11 napja

    when do we see ginger again :):)::):):)

  27. Kymani Donesouda

    Kymani Donesouda

    12 napja

    at the end was sad

  28. Joseph Kennedy

    Joseph Kennedy

    12 napja

    You’re a dumbass, you don’t send your dog away for bad behavior. YOU stay behind to teach the dog to be better. You and your brother are the worst pet owners.

  29. Karlo PH

    Karlo PH

    14 napja

    Yoooooo that dog is st bernard ahhhh so scary

  30. chxeesy


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  31. Dottie Farmer

    Dottie Farmer

    14 napja

    Bro I feel bad for Maverick

  32. Ethan Ramroop

    Ethan Ramroop

    14 napja

    Logan:mind if I give you some advice•parrot:sure oh that b

  33. Leland Williams

    Leland Williams

    15 napja


  34. Amy Downly

    Amy Downly

    16 napja

    he messed up big time getting Ginger. he will never have my views after throwing her away like he did

  35. Braden Coombs

    Braden Coombs

    16 napja

    She so happy to see u come sooooo sad to see u leave :'(

  36. Randy Huang

    Randy Huang

    17 napja

    The comments here are absurd. This is not a Disney movie and Logan is not a Disney princess. All your animal wont just magically get along with each other start singing in union. Tibetan mastiff is strong and almost primitive breed that need a equally strong and confidence pack leader. Leader look to themselves when there is an issue, follower blames other. Also did nobody catch the first video when he brought ginger home. The dog is sensitive to loud noise and Logan and pals are literally the opposite of quiet. This dog was never put in a position to succeed and yet something happens it’s the dogs fault. Even after the lady at the training camp told Logan it’s his fault not the dog’s, he turn around and started blaming the dog again. Crazy thing is Logan will Probabaly do this over and over with no repercussion.

  37. xXdAy DrEaMsXx

    xXdAy DrEaMsXx

    17 napja

    That's the sweetest dog I have ever seen and I wanna cry because you called her a bad dog. Maybe fucking take proper care of your animals. I would take that dog in a heartbeat man

  38. Joshua Williams

    Joshua Williams

    17 napja

    Your friends should have watched maverick was just a mistake poor ginger

  39. Sexy Alien

    Sexy Alien

    17 napja

    She is not a bad dog you're a bad owner logan

  40. * Jelly Life *

    * Jelly Life *

    18 napja

    She's probably so sad and confused why she can't come home. She didn't know any better

  41. Sea Sauce

    Sea Sauce

    18 napja

    I’m still mad he left her there

  42. YlliHajdari 2011

    YlliHajdari 2011

    18 napja

    No mavrick Logan love you fuck jake paul

  43. ALPHA


    18 napja

    oohh ginger she's soo cute yeah i know he ate mavrick but it's not her fault it's your you gotta train her she's not just a normal fluffy dog she'a a huge guard dog you gotta train her if you can't why did you bring her in your house she could have stayed happy with her familly you gotta listen to your mom she know's better when you were buying ginger your mom told not to buy mabey she sensed something will happen but it happend we can't change the pass. R.I.P mavrick.

  44. JCjayne Gaming

    JCjayne Gaming

    19 napja


  45. Jonathon Joseph

    Jonathon Joseph

    19 napja

    So when is she coming back

  46. Bobux Man

    Bobux Man

    19 napja

    Still dont forgive that dog

  47. Basty Capagcuan

    Basty Capagcuan

    20 napja

    aaww poor dog

  48. Dani


    20 napja

    It’s a mastiff... Doing exactly what a mastiff does.. Idiot.

  49. John David Gil Gatmaitan

    John David Gil Gatmaitan

    20 napja

    This dog may have Prey drive and it is not a Bad thing Prey Drive means "Desire to Chase a Moving Object" I dont know if Logan Paul Observed the Behavior of the dog completely the Dog hasnt Known the relationship of Maverick and Logan Paul Also Logan Paul Should've Introduced Maverick to Ginger when he was just a puppy So Ginger can have a Better understanding But if Ginger had an Aggression to Maverick when he was still a puppy. That could mean Ginger is Cautious Take note: Having a Dog can be a big Responsibility. Before owning a dog it is Important to Learn about Dog's Behavior but if the dog has Behavioral issues Like Aggression, Snapping, or Continuous Barking This can be fixed with Proper Correction Also the Lady that was Ginger was Barking at is Agitating him Because of her wrong Approach As you can see she was Taunting Ginger 4:26

  50. Jansku


    20 napja

    *Gets a guard dog* *the guard dog guards* Logan : *surprised pikachu face*

  51. Jansku


    20 napja

    Are you kidding me? She looks so terrified she is clearly treated badly there take her out

  52. lowfacs


    21 napja

    where is the dog now

  53. Larissa Ana Boso

    Larissa Ana Boso

    21 napja

    Who is maverick

  54. Usayd Dhorat

    Usayd Dhorat

    21 napja

    Where is he

  55. Yeah Itz Drew

    Yeah Itz Drew

    22 napja

    At least there are no Coyotes

  56. HRH jr

    HRH jr

    23 napja

    Nice one dog

  57. Molly Fisher

    Molly Fisher

    23 napja


  58. Alex Doggett

    Alex Doggett

    24 napja

    4:12 his voice cracked me up lmfao 😂😂

  59. Tristen Perez

    Tristen Perez

    24 napja

    Wait what that's Jac/Scotty Sire's girlfriend lol

  60. nasreen banu

    nasreen banu

    26 napja

    That dog is cute and that dog is a savage for killing Maverick

  61. Emma Barney

    Emma Barney

    27 napja

    This made me cry at the end

  62. MasonBTW


    27 napja

    You should go see her again she is a good dog and you should take her back this made me cry seeing you leave her! 😢

  63. TheBarbOf _Roblox

    TheBarbOf _Roblox

    28 napja

    Man.. I really missed Ginger, I knew he was gonna stay with her doing her journey, but I guess my assumption was wrong..

  64. Vivianna Sanchez

    Vivianna Sanchez

    28 napja

    i understand he sent her to a training camp , but y’all gotta remember even though she is and was trained as a young puppy to be a guard dog, logan said she did over 10,000 dollars worth of damage. it’s no ones fault

  65. Annie H.

    Annie H.

    29 napja

    it was logan & his friends fault. logan wasn’t there, but he left two completely different animals in the care of probably the most uncaring “friends” ever. something bad was bound to happen he also bought a dog bred to be a guard dog & only a guard dog. she “flips the switch” cuz it’s her instinct to. get her proper training where she learns to harness the protector qualities & use it when she needs them, don’t ship her off to a “training camp” & leave her there

  66. 1 Sandberg

    1 Sandberg

    29 napja

    When are ginger the giant coming back Logan?...😢🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺(please forgive him)

  67. 1 Sandberg

    1 Sandberg

    29 napja

    When are ginger the giant coming back Logan?..🥺(please forgive him)

  68. UndeadGamer



    Isnt ginger a tibetan mastiff?

  69. M Cline

    M Cline


    Y is she not back at the house she is still locked up!!! Do something about it @loganPaul !!! She is a good Guard dog and does her job!!! Get her back!!

  70. Saul Zapata Najera

    Saul Zapata Najera


    wow it look like a lion

  71. Tejas Ravi

    Tejas Ravi


    Is that Scotty's gf😂😂

  72. I don’t Know

    I don’t Know


    Wait Logan are you gonna get the dog back now?

  73. Brody Smith

    Brody Smith


    When is he coming back to the house

  74. Axelbravepro



    Not the Lana part 😭😭😂

  75. evol shadow

    evol shadow


    Bring her to the ranch maybe?

  76. evol shadow

    evol shadow


    I wish you had put the dogs name in the title. Not just in third person.

  77. Syth Savage

    Syth Savage


    Logan what about your ranch?? Why don’t you take ginger to your ranch??

  78. Ivan Playz

    Ivan Playz


    fuck the dog 😡🙁

  79. Matthew JMA

    Matthew JMA


    why did that dog get stuck with such a dumbass owner :/

  80. Vanessa Silva

    Vanessa Silva


    where is ginger

  81. Florence Wamatu

    Florence Wamatu


    Give her a second chance

  82. rudra kirti

    rudra kirti


    I don't like this ..... this is so heartbreaking ..... she did not do anything wrong she saw your parrot as a threat and eliminated her ...

  83. I Am LamaRto

    I Am LamaRto


    This is exactly what happens when you buy Tibetan mastiff without no knowledge of the breed.

  84. Flamingo Fredd

    Flamingo Fredd


    See now he has a ranch so just put ginger there

  85. Mrbeast 6000

    Mrbeast 6000


    I mean if you are gonna keep a mastif then it should be the only animal in the house i mean they are big

  86. Amy Joy

    Amy Joy


    He gets a dog and then ends up leaving them with someone else-Those poor animals deserve better

  87. Angelica Setiawan

    Angelica Setiawan


    I understand why he did it, it needs to be trained before it hurts someone

  88. 3 meter flattie record holder

    3 meter flattie record holder


    when the fuck is she coming back

  89. Cedric Arbonida

    Cedric Arbonida


    1:55 i feel sorry to the person living there

  90. Hemlock




  91. Hemanth Ganduri

    Hemanth Ganduri


    You can’t visit her after that long and just leave her 🤮

  92. Melissa Harron

    Melissa Harron


    Good song im from WV lol Logan Paul Logan Paul Logan Paul

  93. Emanuelwith1 M

    Emanuelwith1 M


    He said a coyote did it

    • Bacon 4444

      Bacon 4444


      Uhh no he did not

  94. Dustin Zakar

    Dustin Zakar


    I miss her you should bring her back now

    • Bacon 4444

      Bacon 4444


      They sold the dog

  95. Pope Disc Golf

    Pope Disc Golf


    Soooo it makes me sad. Haven’t seen anything or heard anything regarding ginger. So I’m assuming he’s just never gonna get her back:(

  96. DefinetlyHappy



    2:35 For god sakes

  97. Landy Nacua

    Landy Nacua


    Ginger is literally kong but B I G G E R

  98. Ishan



    It’s Not The Fault Of The Doggo Pls Take Her Back After The Training

  99. Mauli Patel

    Mauli Patel


    i cannot stop my tears aster Logan just said bye to her and she was finding a way out of the fence.

  100. Jennifer Stringer

    Jennifer Stringer


    buy a new bird and name it Mavrick